Heavy legs, light solution

Heavy legs, light solution

A frequently cited source of discomfort, but rarely taken seriously. What if the venotonic properties of Vitaflavan® could give new vitality to your daily life?

It’s summer! What an unfortunate paradox that the season when we most willingly consider wearing ”light and short clothes” is the season when heavy leg syndrome is most noticeable. Swollen ankles and feet, tingling, pain, all symptoms that do not encourage you to wear barefoot shoes, skirts and short dresses.

But why is it that this syndrome, which is much more frequent than we think since it affects two thirds of people over 60 years of age in both men and women, manifests itself more virulently in the summer? In fact, what your legs, and especially their veins, don’t like is the heat.

Venous dilation

The venous system plays a very important role in regulating body temperature. Thus, when it is hot, the deep venous system contracts to circulate blood. At the same time, the peripheral capillaries expand to facilitate caloric exchanges in the epidermis.

Unfortunately, this dilation leads to lower quality blood returning. Blood stagnates in the veins (stasis phenomenon), causing a feeling of discomfort. This situation can even lead to complications in people with poor blood circulation or venous diseases: phlebitis, oedema …

While summer is by definition a temporary aggravating factor, others are more constant: being overweight, sedentary, drinking alcohol (a vasodilator) or smoking. In addition, even if heavy legs are far from being a specifically female problem, hormonal variations can increase discomfort in the days before menstruation.

Antioxidant efficacy

Vitaflavan’s® venotonic properties provide a simple and effective solution to the problems of weak blood capillaries.

By increasing the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin, Vitaflavan® strengthens the mechanical properties of venous tissues and walls. Both firmer and more elastic, the veins play a better role in the blood flow from the lower limbs to the heart.

But measuring this effectiveness is not easy when we talk about feelings of discomfort, which do not necessarily translate into figures: pain in the legs when getting up, or after several minutes in a sitting position, tingling, night cramps … That is why a study conducted on the action of Vitaflavan® focused on the users’ feelings. Did they perceive significant improvements in their genes? If so, how long did it take?

Real improvements

203 people with heavy leg syndrome were treated for 30 days with 150 mg of Vitaflavan® per day. The average age of the participants was 46, 23% were male. The results were very conclusive. After 15 days, 3/4 of the participants found the product effective, then nearly 9/10 after 30 days.

Their feeling of overall good health increased; their feelings of discomfort decreased considerably.

More effective and faster than the other venotonics that participants had previously used, Vitaflavan® also changed the image that participants had of their legs. 80% of those who thought they could not wear clothing exposing their legs changed their minds, and 56% of those who had given up high heels were willing to reconsider their judgment.

As a result, better blood circulation can have unexpected benefits, including clothing!

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