OPC: Here's to your health!

A molecule that wants what’s best for you

Polyphenols are among the largest families of molecules in the plant kingdom. They are found, for example, in plants, fruits and vegetables. We know of over 500 different types. Among these, the ProCyanidolic Oligomers (OPCs) present in grape seeds have surprising properties. Because of their unique structure, they bring exceptional benefits to the entire body.  However, their extraction, especially for those with low molar mass and the highest bioavailability, requires very specific technology and know-how.



The vascular effects of OPCs from grape seeds (Vitaflavan®) were highlighted, reflecting their vitamin P (C2) activity.
They keep the blood vessel walls in good condition: collagen is a fundamental component of the lining. Grape seed OPCs (Vitaflavan®) become complex with collagen and ensure its stability.
Thus, parietal permeability is maintained at its optimal level.


Expression of genes

Vitaflavan® can have an active role in the body by activating certain genes. Nutrigenomic/metabolomics has shown that Vitaflavan® activates the SIRT 1 gene in the liver, making it possible to increase sirtuin and NAD+, particularly instrumental in the control of cellular ageing and the prevention of harmful accumulation of triglycerides in the liver.



Oxidative stress has long been identified as a major cause or aggravating factor of various pathologies. Oxidation processes in the body are part of its normal functioning: our body produces its own antioxidants (glutathione, SOD…) to protect itself against the harmful effects of reactive oxygenated species (ROS).
We speak of oxidative stress when the body’s natural defences are saturated, and in this case, ROS can attack and destroy or degrade essential molecules (LDL, DNA…). Our diet also provides us with useful antioxidants, such as vitamin C, vitamin E and some polyphenols.
In the latter class, OPCs are a class of molecules that are extremely powerful and effective in combating oxidative stress. Vitaflavan®, concentrated OPC, helps the body in its fight against the forces of oxygenated evil.

Vitaflavan® helps us to feel better.

Vitaflavan® helps to maintain the integrity of blood vessels and capillaries.

A panel of 200 people recruited following the criteria of vein insufficiency (swollen ankles, calves and feet, superficial dilation of capillary vessels, pins and needles, pain, nocturnal cramps) were given 150 mg of VITAFLAVAN® over 30 days (one pill every morning).

The efficacy of Vitaflavan® experienced from the 7th day of treatment

After only 15 days of treatment, 3 patients out of 4 report to have detected the first beneficial effects.

  • The first effects are detected on average after 7 days (90% in less than 10 days)

Legs are lighter and cramps less frequent. After 30 days, pain in the legs and in the feet improve while nocturnal awakenings disappear.

The efficacy of Vitaflavan® in reducing the level of discomfort linked to heavy leg syndrome by half

  • Between day 0 and day 30, the level of discomfort is 58% lower with a positive impact on the general state of health and well-being: 7 patients out of 10 confirm that their situation has really improved.

Recommendations for use and dosage

Vitaflavan® is a brown powder, soluble in water and alcohol. Its optimal composition in procyanidins of low molar mass guarantees a high bioavailability in the human body.

The recommended daily dose is 60 to 120 mg, in two doses. Vitaflavan® is used in:

Dietary supplements

Tablets, capsules, softgels, sticks, gummies…


Bars, compotes, chocolate…


Water, tea, coffee, fruit juice…